Abbey Connors


I’m a smiley, self-proclaimed weirdo that prefers the odd and unusual. I have pet rats, lizards, and an unnecessary amount of indoor plants including a Venus fly trap. My desk has to be clean which my mom would say is incredibly unlike me. Also, I put sriracha on everything…except my dog, Hoagie.

Brandon Prochnow


I do interactive design and development here at McDill. Outside of work, I mix records and collect parking tickets. Do you want to meet about it?

Brenda Mraz-Skibinski


I enjoy good food and music. Oh, I also love good wine–but not on the clock.

Cindy Torroll


I am McDill’s token “visionary” artist. I suspect that were it not for the government subsidy they receive, they may not be so willing to house a dark and disturbing person such as myself.

Dan Necci


Please contact me to arrange a private showing of slides from my trip to Disney World with my granddaughters. Failing that, I am always up for a round of golf.

Daryn Peterman


Super organized, highly motivated, always prepared and driven is how my co-workers might describe me. I'd agree, though I'm always up for fun, as long as it's scheduled well in advance.

Dave Burkle


Things I've learned at McDill: Monkeys are universally funny, even in design. "That's what she said" can be applied to about 63% of all our conversations. And if you time it just right, you never have to make the next pot of coffee. They just don't teach you these things in school.

Erin Strode


I'm driven by the thrill and the chase. From the tingling rush I get in Nordstom's shoe department and the mention of Stuart Weitzman, to the thrill and excitement of a great idea or new client, chasing all things that enhance my wardrobe and brain make every day worth it.

Javier Centeno


I'm a licensed bartender. That's all I had to say during my interview to get the job. For our meetings with new clients, we pack an iPad, a PowerPoint presentation and a martini shaker. We haven't used the PowerPoint yet.

Jeff Neal


I started at McDill when I was 27 and I've worked here for half my life. Who says wisdom comes with age?

Jim Dines


Pet peeve no. 1: You texting or facebooking during dinner, this is why I prefer dogs and the no opposable thumbs thing. My area at work looks like the inside of a 14 year old girl's locker. I also have a little bit of the Napoleon complex, but I am taller than Rick. Call me if you want to grab a beer.

Joel Harmeling


Ok I admit it, I have been using performance enhancers. How do you think I lasted here for over 20 years. I really want that sweet gold Rolex.

Karen Duffy


Pinch hitter in all things marketing related for team McDill - zero capability in the drawing arena unless there's a need for a straight line in which case I can make magic happen.

Kori Zangl Holsten


I figure my left brain deserves as much inspiration as my right brain, so don’t be surprised to find me enjoying a good crossword puzzle with my lunch. I spend the rest of my time here at McDill as a designer. Now, what’s a 4-letter word for creative?

Martin Martinez


I answer to Martin or Martinez. In my short time here, I’ve learned a few things. Everyone here loves overly ripe food. I am actually Italian. And, wait for it…I AM THE POKER KING. Editor’s note: For the moment.

Michael Dillon


I really enjoy cooking and practical jokes which means I’m sort of a pain to be around sometimes, particularly if, say, you don’t like mechanical, remote-control tarantulas, but I make a very fine lasagna.

Rick Ebbers


I do not have cable. But I have come to realize that my life looks pretty much like a TV station line up anyway. It’s PBS, nature shows, Curious George, cooking, gardening, woodworking - I’ve got ‘em all. No quilting though. My favorite show is This Old House. My kids call it “Tools” and they must remain silent while it’s on.

Sebastian Raasch


I'm a stickler for details, a total neat freak, and a firm believer that a sharp pair of dress shoes is one of the best investments you can make. In my free time, I enjoy exploring new spots around town with friends. I have a cello collecting dust in the corner of my apartment and one day I'll get around to actually picking it up, if only to dust it. As I said, I'm a neat freak.

Tam Nguyen


My degree is in poetry.
Can’t say I’ve ever used it for anything other than wooing.
Don’t even ask.
I’m hush, hush about it most of the time.
Like right now…
Little would you know that this is an acrostic.


Initially I planned on working in account services since I am cute, eager to please and quick on my feet. But after spending some time here at McDill I’ve decided that while that seems like a perfectly reasonable plan of action, I’m just going to chase a ball.