5 Things I’ve Learned About Digital Marketing Post-COVID

5 Things I’ve Learned About Digital Marketing Post-COVID

Daryn Peterman, September 01, 2022

If the past two years have taught us anything, it’s that having a digital-first mindset is a must. But the evolution, including tools and technologies, happened a lot quicker than most of us were prepared for. In fact, a McKinsey survey uncovered that CEOs were forced to accelerate their digital transformation a full 3-4 years earlier than they had originally planned!

At McDill, we felt the digital surge twofold in how we operated internally and how we supported our clients’ marketing efforts externally. For us, digital has always been important, but in this new normal, we’ve evolved our methodologies to best serve our clients and their challenges. Here are five things I’ve learned that will hopefully help you, too.

  1. Understanding audience is key. Before COVID, our digital strategies were relatively simple and built around brand awareness and lead generation. Today, we dive even deeper to determine the best approach to engage our target audience. Through these insights, we’re able to develop a clear, highly targeted plan of attack.
  2. Focusing on highly targeted customer segmentations is always better than casting a wide net. By getting super granular with our messaging and creative, we’re able to create a more effective campaign.
  3. Solutions trump features and benefits. Customers care more about what’s in it for them and how it’s solving their problem over why a product is superior.
  4. Metrics mean more than likes. Industry standards for a successful campaign pre-pandemic were tied to engagement, including likes, shares and views. Now it’s all about sales conversions. Engagement is still important, but it only tells part of the story.
  5.  A campaign isn’t over until it’s over. One thing that’s really great about digital is that you can pivot more quickly if something isn’t performing. At McDill, we build campaign calibrations so we can make sure the content and creative is hitting the goals we’ve set.

Being in this fast-paced industry, it’s exciting to ride these crazy technology waves and try new things. By being open-minded and ready to learn, our team is ready for whatever changes come our way.