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A return to the bright side

January 13, 2021

They say adversity builds character. If that is the case, 2020 provided us all with enough mettle to last a lifetime.

It was a year unlike any that’s come before, dishing out one challenge after another. But now it’s time to shine a light toward the future.

Yes, we took our lumps. Just like everyone else. But we worked together to adapt and overcome. Each new plot twist provided a chance to evaluate, learn and grow. Through it all, our process evolved, the work flowed and, by year’s end, we even settled into something resembling a groove.

None of that would be possible without our team whose smarts and savvy make the McDill machine go. And, of course, our client partners. We’re beyond grateful for the continued support and understanding. Their mix of patience and professionalism allowed us to not only weather the storm, but to thrive. We’re fortunate to collaborate with such inspiring people every day.

We’re optimistic about what’s to come. 2021 is a chance to reconnect, make a fresh start and build on the momentum we’ve generated over the past several months.

The past is history, the future is unwritten, and now it’s time to shine.