Fiscal Responsibility

Erin Strode, February 10, 2023

Here at McDill, we practice fiscal responsibility by design. Many of our clients tell us that they not only trust us as creative partners, but as reliable business partners, as well. They know they can count on us to practice careful stewardship of their marketing budgets. That way, we can provide them with more bang for their buck while being ready for any challenges the future may hold.

That’s huge in this age of heavy-handed procurement departments. We’ve heard that, way too often, clients don’t know what their agencies are doing with their money. Not so at McDill. We’re totally transparent. We want you to know exactly what you’re getting from us in exchange for your marketing dollars.

Therefore, we report to you regularly on how your money is performing, and we offer suggestions on how we can adjust your spend to improve its performance in the marketplace. On top of all that, we’re flexible. We’re willing to work on either an hourly or retainer basis, and we’ll bill according to your fiscal needs.

We’re even ready to lend a helping hand or a sympathetic ear to our clients on matters not related to design work, and many of them have availed themselves of that opportunity over the years. So come talk with us, and let us earn your trust, too.