Happy Milwaukee Day!

April 14, 2021

We are proud to say that we have been a part of Milwaukee’s cherished history for over 40 years, and are honored to have worked with some of the very companies and institutions that have built the city into what we all know and love today.

To show our love for the 414, we recently added some new custom illustrations – thanks to our very own designer, Joel Harmeling – to our office, so everyone who visits McDill can view and admire our love for design and the Good Land. Check them out on social and in the above banner!

In addition to celebrating our local roots in the office, we asked our fellow McDillians why they found Milwaukee so special and loved to call it home. Read on to view their responses!


Abbey Pautsch:
Milwaukee is amazing and I feel like some of its shining qualities are often overlooked. It’s such a fun city at a comfortable size. It sits on one of the Great Lakes (which is the largest concentration of freshwater in the entire earth and accounts for 21% of the total surface freshwater). During the summer I feel like we get to experience a fun ocean-town feel in the Midwest. The people here are kind and artsy and unique. I love most how Milwaukee likes to show its roots and repurpose the incredible industry-age warehouses instead of tearing down and starting fresh.

Brenda Mraz-Skibinski:
I appreciate having the Riverwalk so near to work. I need to be around nature, so I try to spend my lunch break walking the Riverwalk. I prefer to walk south without street crossings; it’s quiet and if I go to end, I meet the lighthouse at the lake. It’s like a mini vacay that gives me a reset to get back to work.

Daryn Peterman:
We love the Milwaukee County Parks for walking/running/playing and the Farmers Markets.

Erin Strode:
The brat guy across the street! His presence on the corner of Wisconsin and Water signals the first sign of spring. The guy has so much energy and zest for life! Nothing is better than grabbing a High Life and a brat to enjoy on the Riverwalk.

Jim Dines:
With the lake and the river, summertime in MKE always feels like vacation.

John Behn:
Estabrook Park!

Jeff Neal:
Living in this part of the state allows you to be in the beautiful country-side or in the city within a matter of minutes and you can enjoy all the pleasantries that either location has to offer. We are truly living in the most beautiful part of the U.S. here in Milwaukee.

Kori Zangl-Holsten:
I like MKE because it feels like I’m in a big city and a small town all at the same time. I also love having access to the lake. I find being near water a calming experience, and being able to go to the lake and just watch it makes my heart happy.

Martin Martinez:
The countless activities to do during the summertime. Rooftop bars, big and small festivals, being able to walk/bike near the lakefront. You can’t beat the summertime activities in the 414!

Taryn Schuster:
Milwaukee is great because it’s way more versatile than you would initially think! The wide array of restaurants, bars and of course breweries always offer a good time fit for anyone’s pallet. And the numerous museums, parks, walking paths, festivals, theatres, concerts and sporting events offer great entertainment activities, rain or shine, or snow!

For more information on Milwaukee Day 2021, visit milwaukeeday.com to learn more about how you can support the amazing community we live in.