Know Before You Drone

David Dominguez, July 19, 2023

Implementing video into your business marketing strategy has become increasingly important to make your brand stand out. According to research, many consumers say that watching a video has helped increase their brand awareness and has convinced them to buy a product or service.

So how do you make sure that your video stands out from an endless feed of quick-cut editing, bold text and short-attention-span entertainment? The answer is to elevate your brand awareness in a unique and captivating way.

At McDill, we not only offer video production services – we also have a U.S. Federal Aviation Administration Licensed Part 107 Certified Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle (UAV) Pilot on staff.

A what, you might ask? A drone pilot? A commercially certified drone pilot that can fly a state-of-the-art camera in the sky. Nothing says “epic” like a bald eagle’s view of your business. Drone and aerial videography can potentially disrupt traditional video marketing patterns, increasing viewership, KPIs and ultimately ROI.

That said, both drone use and the use of drone footage are strictly regulated by the FAA. Perhaps it’s tempting to ask your brother-in-law who owns a drone to shoot your video for free, but if he doesn’t know what he’s doing and doesn’t take the right precautions, you could face fines upwards of $10,000. We, on the other hand, have done the homework. We know the laws. We know the airspace and we know the myths.

A drone can document a guided tour of your business interior, a building remodel or a multi-location enterprise. It can also capture stunning high-definition still images that you can use on your website, newsletters, and print materials. It’s an indispensable marketing tactic.

So, know before you drone. Contact McDill to attract the right kind of attention to your business, and watch your brand awareness go sky high.


We turn boring into bold!

Part adventure…part immersive.

Introducing the FPV “first person view” cine-whoop videography.

A very unique viewpoint of aerial drone videography that can only be captured with this drone. It’s called FPV because our certified FAA pilot puts on his goggles (like a virtual reality headset), fires up the quadcopter and captures viewpoints with dynamic maneuverability.

These little drones don’t always need to fly at 25mph this close to the ground; they have the ability to squeeze through doors and narrow pathways providing multiple vantage points to give your marketing communications an edge.

Whether slow and cinematic or edgy and adventurous, McDill has you covered with your drone videography needs.




From bland to beautiful: As you can see in this test footage video, these layer transitions show the process of going from a flat camera profile to implementing our post production techniques. Through skillful color-grading, we can turn what would typically be a dreary winter day into a more colorful cinematic landscape. Imagine what we would do with a beautiful autumn day in Wisconsin? More examples coming soon!