McDill graphic

McDill Evolution

November 16, 2012

When I started working as a freelance graphic designer in 1979 I didn’t imagine that it would be anything more than just me sitting at a drawing board. Of course, I didn’t imagine I’d ever be this old either. My first client was Miller Brewing and I still have the stub that was attached to the check for $50, my first paying job. Eventually, John McCarthy joined me and we became McDill, taking 2 Irish names and making a Scottish one out of them. John, the most talented artist I’ve ever met, left over a decade ago to pursue other things but we remain good friends and I will always be grateful for his contribution to what McDill now is.

And what we are today, thirty-three years later is an incredible group of people: talented, thoughtful, hard-working and, most important to me, really fun. There is no day here that does not have its share of laughter, plenty of snappy talk and intelligent conversation.

Welcome to our first blog where, from now on, you will hear from us with our thoughts on graphic design, digital and print, typography, color and probably a lot of other stuff that’s only tangentially related.