Art by Cynthia Lund Torroll

They Keep Me In The Back

Cynthia Lund Torroll, January 21, 2013

They keep me in the back.
It’s probably all the bodily noises
and my constant eating.
(Lately, I have strong cravings
for those prettily wrapped, delicious
dishwasher tabs we have. Yes, I bought
a ton of those. ((Little do they know.))

Karen, discreetly, usually picks up the phone first.
This is unspoken. I’m sure it’s because they’re
never certain when my Tourette’s will kick in.

I don’t mind the back. They let me put up my strange
drawings and bare my head. When they’re all gathered around
someone’s desk in the front, laughing uproariously about something
naughty on the web, I wriggle out of my collar, run around the work island
and pour myself a quick tumbler of tequila.

{They think I drink a lot of water.}

Michael will be canonized one day for taking me in.
I am eternally grateful…

CLT, January, 2013