As a branding agency, we unite strategy & design

Our holistic approach helps you thrive

Here’s the truth: However you describe it, your brand is what the rest of the world feels when they encounter your company’s logo or name. McDill brings years of branding experience to help shape and direct those feelings. Whether you’re a small startup, a new spinoff, or a longtime industry leader, your business can reap measurable benefits from a fully developed brand strategy.


Know where you stand with a brand audit

What are people saying about your business? We can interview customers and prospects, employees and partners, vendors and industry observers. We’ll also review current print and digital communications to determine what kind of impression you’re creating today.

Recognize opportunity at every brand touchpoint

Our branding and identity specialists build on the audit to guide you through a big-picture look at the many ways people interact with your brand—and connect the dots to identify the many possibilities for growth.

Create positive brand positioning

We help you clarify how you want your brand to be perceived by key audiences, including customers, investors and employees. This is distilled into a brand positioning statement and key messages that serve as a touchstone for all communications.

Lay the design foundation for brand identity

Here’s where we combine branding strategy with graphic and digital design capabilities. The result: a logo, tagline and identity system to promote your brand—with clear guidelines to ensure consistency. See our work for Tribus.

Apply daily for brand longevity

Creating your brand is one thing; managing it takes additional know-how. McDill helps you establish brand guidelines, complete with examples and online brand centers; train brand ambassadors; and maintain standards long-term. And our graphic design, photography, video and content development professionals are ready to put your brand into action. Wherever you are in the branding cycle, let’s talk—and work together to help your brand grow.


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