As a digital marketing agency, we create a great user experience

Our best technology platform is between the ears

We speak tech so you don’t have to. Our Milwaukee-based digital media designers are fluent in HTML, CSS, APIs, UX—effortlessly translating your communications goals to the latest platforms and software. And our copywriters know how to write for today’s readers.

This digital marketing and programming expertise dovetails with our graphic design, photography and video capabilities: McDill understands how to make your message most effective in every medium. It’s all integrated through strategic content development to create multilingual websites, social media campaigns, emails and digital ads that engage, inspire—and sell.

Digital marketing strategy makes every pixel count

McDill’s full-service approach includes working with you and your key stakeholders to pin down what you want to say—and how you want people to react when you say it. Our digital analytics audits uncover further strategic marketing insights for content development. Whether you’re targeting a local, national or global audience with a single tweet or a fully modernized website, we help you make decisions based on proven, data-driven tactics. Learn more about our marketing strategy services.

Web design services make your content inviting on any mobile device

Responsive web design is a given. Motivating copywriting is a must. Our designers are comfortable on all current platforms, including SharePoint, WordPress, Sitecore and Pardot. We alert you to digital media trends in your industry as well as broader internet evolutions. You gain a website targeted to your audience, with the tools to track, measure and respond. See our work for Erin Hills golf course.

Social media campaign services build on your brand to build a community

Our digital marketing strategy experts lay out primary themes and timelines. Then our copywriters and designers develop platform-specific content—be it for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube—plus campaign landing pages to increase conversions. We can assist with posting and will analyze results to make the next round even more productive. See our Johnson Controls social media case study.

Email marketing campaign services increase open rates and click-throughs

Our marketing strategy team helps you identify key points by audience, B2B or consumer. Then our copywriters craft email marketing messages using the latest best practices. We take advantage of A/B testing to refine messaging and graphics, and recommend timing for email distribution for top effectiveness.

Digital advertising services get attention and action

Banners, pay-per-click ads, remarketing ads, display ads and other formats are designed and programmed using the latest digital marketing techniques. We emphasize motion and interactive concepts to pull readers in—and drive results up.

Learn more about our digital services on the Johnson Controls Case Study