As a marketing strategy agency, we map the path to your goals

It’s like having a marketing strategy GPS

The difference between a marketing plan and a marketing strategy is the difference between almost there and success. As a marketing strategy agency, McDill believes starting at the beginning is the best way to ensure you arrive at profitable results. Our Milwaukee-based team maps this approach to your goals, helping you set your direction to increase leads, sales and revenues.


Understand your marketing position with a communications audit

“You are here” is the best starting point for a full-powered marketing strategy. McDill reviews your website, digital marketing analytics and other communications to understand your brand positioning, assess strengths and find opportunities. We also look at how competitors communicate with your target market, whether it’s consumer or B2B.

Distill your most important points into strategic marketing messages

Our content development experts work with you to build the foundation for your global marketing strategy: key messages for each target audience —customers, prospects, employees, partners, investors. Much like our branding agency work, this is a fascinating process of determining who you are and who you want to be. The resulting key messages serve as the touchstone for every communication, from a quick email to a full-length webinar.

Set your direction with appropriate marketing tactics

McDill listens to your ideas and adds our own, often suggesting tactics you may not have considered—bringing you the full benefit of our experience working with global businesses on digital media, print, email and other marketing communications. We also help plan the rollout of your marketing strategy, establishing timelines and editorial calendars to keep all participants advancing toward your goal, on time and within budget. See our work for Johnson Controls.

Create content that’s spot-on

Our graphic designers, digital developers and writers get your strategy on the road. Here’s where we create communications from your target aud3ience’s point of view, reinforcing your brand and building on your key marketing messages, to effectively execute your global marketing strategy. We have a deep bench to support every phase of content development, drawing on our strategic content, graphic design, photography and video services.

Stay on track with data analysis

From basic Google analytics to more advanced processes, we have the skills to help you assess marketing results and fine-tune your strategy. We support long-term social media and email marketing campaigns with regular reports and analyses. You get ongoing insight to keep communications fresh and effective—because monitoring the marketing journey is what gets you to your destination.

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