This packaging design company stands out—and so will your package

We think outside the…tube, can, foil pouch, bottle

Packaging design must work in the palm of your hand, even if that hand is holding a mobile device. McDill’s 40-year track record in innovative package design ensures your product will stand out on the shelf and online. Our Milwaukee-based pros support legendary brands like MolsonCoors with complete custom packaging services, from design to prototype to production. We’re delighted when our designs win awards for being creative and cool—and we’re ecstatic when the completed prototype and package help you achieve your sales and marketing goals.

Packaging strategy starts with what your customers see

To bring your package vision to life, we first look through customers’ eyes. What makes them want the product in that box? From food and beverage to electronics, retail display to consumer packaging, our solutions reinforce a vital connection between you and your audience.

Smart thinking addresses contemporary packaging concerns

We also consider factors that can affect any consumer goods packaging project. Does the design need to work in multiple countries or cultures? Can we create a more sustainable or ecological package? Is an experimental packaging design appropriate? You benefit from our time-tested understanding of the tasks your bottle or box must accomplish, from protecting contents to supporting efficient transport to facilitating display.

Compelling package design makes your brand tangible

We combine art and technology, emotion and science, to concept tubes, stand-up pouches, bottles and multipurpose product boxes that incorporate attractive, hard-working design. As with all McDill graphic design projects, we respect and advance your brand identity. Our goal is a quality package design that’s worthy of the product within.

Mockups and prototypes show you the real thing

Our state-of-the-art package printing suite, one of the first in Milwaukee, delivers prototypes ready for prime time. Flexible materials and nearly infinite color control enable McDill to create prototypes that are practically indistinguishable from actual packaging. These mockups are ideal for focus group testing, color studies, video and TV production and marketing photography. See our work for MolsonCoors.

Production emphasizes efficiency

With packaging design experience that spans the digital age, McDill has the knowledge and tools to anticipate and resolve any production challenges. We build mechanicals that capture package design intent efficiently and cost-effectively.

Follow-through promotes packaging success

Along with our strategy and packaging design services, McDill offers photography and video services. Have our professionals handle product photography or commercial shoots, in our Milwaukee studio or on location, to round out your packaging project.

Learn more about our packaging services on the MolsonCoors Case Study