Journal Communications wanted the world to see them as they see themselves: a national media company operating in the fast-paced business of news, information, and entertainment. So what does a communications company perceived to be staid and traditional do in a world of innovation and new media? It uses the power of graphic design to turn perception on its head and reflect the modern reality of the brand to investors, clients, employees and the public.

Logos: Corporate and Business Divisions

The Corporate logo was the starting point of the new branding initiative and guided by an exacting simplicity–a design using the JRN stock ticker embedded in a sphere that floats proudly over type giving it a feeling of movement.

The sans serif font choice has a timeless quality and strength to it, yet the rounded shape of the expanded letters gives it a friendly edge. Blue was chosen to reinforce energy and trust. The pulsing vibrations add dimension and a sense of communication.

Each of the two business units are visually linked to the brand through the use of the Journal label, sphere symbol, font, and pulsing waves– with color used as the sole differentiator. The result is a portfolio of business unit logos that illustrate a unified and modern brand.

Annual Report

The new look and feel for the company was revealed to stakeholders in early 2014 with the release of the 2013 Annual Report.

“We’ve never been more excited about our business, and in early 2014, we launched a new look and feel for our company, a brand that reflects who we are today–and where we’re going in the future.”
Steve Smith – Chairman and CEO,
Journal Communications


The most visible and dramatic change to the brand came in the design and development of the corporate website. Photography was carefully chosen to reflect people in real life situations, and graphically adjusted, through the use of a series of lines as an overlay, to give it a modern, filtered feeling. The choice to design the website using a parallax scroll format makes for a user experience that is fluid and natural. Visit site >