Imagine demonstrating how your product works right in your customer’s plant, office or on the other side of the globe. That’s no easy feat if your product is a massive piece of machinery worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Nor is it any easier if your product is a component inside a larger, more complex system.

But demonstration is possible, thanks to McDill’s 3D illustration team’s keen understanding of mechanics, which results in faithful, intricate, working representations of equipment, devices and systems.

The process is a collaborative effort with field professionals and engineers resulting in a custom rendering. The final illustration is an accurate computer model that can be used as a still image in print, with details of key areas enlarged or called out. What’s more, we can animate the same illustration for video and digital applications, enabling your customers to see the product in motion from a variety of angles. That means double the value of your investment and a powerful new dimension for your sales and marketing team.