Promotional packaging:
Evolving, engaging

Skip the sticker. Say “bye” to the bugs. McDill Design has pioneered promotional packaging that offers new ways to catch consumers’ attention.

A few years ago, long time client, MillerCoors challenged us to evolve promotional packaging to a more engaging level,” says Daniel Necci, President. “Instead of adding something like a sticker to a basic package, we integrated promotional graphics into the package design.

For instance, look at this Indianapolis 500 promotional package for Miller Lite. In years past, designers would have added a photo of the featured driver and a block of copy.

Today our design incorporates iconography that connects with racing fans: the grandstand, the racetrack oval, the checkered flag. “We’re using a much larger canvas, to attract and engage the consumer,” Necci says.

Two broad categories

McDill designs two general types of promotional packages:

  • Themed packages linked to holidays, events, locations and organizations—for example, St. Patrick’s Day bottle wraps, or six-packs featuring the Green Bay Packers.
  • Promotions that urge consumers to enter contests, collect points, send a text, etc.

“We’ve done thousands of these for all the MillerCoors brands, as well as for other clients,” Necci says. “Sometimes we use the primary package—for instance, printing on a can.” Other times, the designer focuses on the secondary package. Recent Miller High Life packages showed a woodsy, fall theme—and when the packages were stacked, created a panorama.

A delicate balance

The promotional design has to pique consumer interest without overshadowing the core branding. “It’s paramount that consumers can find the product on the shelf,” Necci says.

That means paying attention to the use of color, imagery and type—all the elements of effective design.

“Anything that increases engagement with your product is a benefit,” Necci says. And the MillerCoors promotional packages are clearly effective: “If it wasn’t worth it, they wouldn’t keep doing it.”

Start now

Promotional packaging design lead times range from 3 weeks to 2 months. Call McDill now to get started on your next promotion—with packaging designed to get attention and get results.