Goodwill believes the power of work can change lives. McDill Design is proud that our work helps make that change happen.

As the largest Goodwill organization in the world, Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin & Metropolitan Chicago has been providing services since 1919. More than 5,700 Goodwill employees work in 85 locations throughout 23 counties in southeastern Wisconsin and
metropolitan Chicago.

To see more of what Goodwill does, take a look at what we’ve done for Goodwill.

Talent Bridge is Goodwill’s recruiting, staffing and placement service for area businesses and organizations. Our design captures the same attributes as the candidates that Goodwill recruits: professional, diverse and the right personality fit for the organization.

Recruiting materials start with a dynamic brochure highlighting Goodwill’s dynamic retail services—the economic engine that powers their mission. A flexible folder/insert system makes it easy for managers to hit all the recruiting high points.

Workforce Connection Centers offer free resources to help job seekers find hope—and find work. Our clear, bold design conveys a businesslike approach and positive outlook.

Goodwill’s Culinary Institute prepares students with the work and life skills to succeed in the food service industry. For many, it’s a fresh start when other doors have closed. McDill designed the institute’s logo and materials for other workforce training programs, including the Custodial Institute and College Recruitment programs.

Finally, the 2012 Annual Report presents both an organizational leadership transition and individual transformations with clarity, dignity and humanity.

Mission-driven communications require an understanding of your organization’s core values as well as sensitivity to multiple audiences, budget issues and community perceptions. Call McDill and let us help you change lives.