Steering production for packaging and prototypes

We make sure MolsonCoors designs work across all SKUs per brand assignment. Our realistic prototypes guide testing and production.

MillerCoors Bottle & Can Prototypes

Client need

Every MolsonCoors package design must work across multiple SKUs, scaling up and down without requiring extensive rework. Those designs must also be presented accurately to focus groups and in-house decision-makers for testing, as well as to printers for production.

McDill delivers

With decades of experience in MolsonCoors packaging, McDill knows what works. We review graphics for color, size and other factors, ensuring packaging can be produced cost-effectively. We produce the layouts and mechanicals required for printing. And we create prototypes that are nearly indistinguishable from the final product—perfect for use in focus group testing, photo shoots and trade shows.


Package design consulting; mechanical and layout production; prototype creation.